Sunday, 22 November 2015

Felbrigg Hall, Norfolk Part 1

Felbrigg Hall is a cherished country retreat bursting with cosiness and charm, first built in 1620 a.d
Reflecting the personal stories of 4 Norfolk families who secured their wealth through agriculture and gained political and social status, the Hall has been greatly added to over the years, the last squire being Robert Wyndham Ketton-Cremer.
I am doing this post in 2 parts, first inside and outside. 

From the entrance hall where we note the stained glass windows

A dining room photo out of sequence here

From the great Hall into the Drawing Room

With it's card table in the corner

and now through the bedrooms that are not in the right order!! 

Love this wash stand set

Hand painted Chinese wallpaper from 1752

Would you like a bath in this tub?

Dining Room

Serving Table

Here we see estate workers cleaning the Chandelier 

piece by piece

A chamber pot in a secret cupboard in the corner of the Library

The small cabinet on this table housed the servants library

The bedroom corridor

and kitchen

Basement corridor with fire equipment at the ready

and lastly a 'man catcher'!
Will finish off with the gardens in next post

Sunday, 15 November 2015

Blickling Hall and Gardens, Norfolk Part 2

Before continuing with the second part of this post I will say that I am still having issues with the photograph storage in Windows 10.  So, I have been sitting at my computer with my blog on screen and also my blog on my i-pad screen trying to not duplicate photos. The are still not in order and very mixed up and there does not seem anything I can do about that. I think it is probably a conflict between Windows, i-cloud and my photo album software.

Mentioned in the Domesday Book, the estate was the birthplace of Anne Boleyn, and during World War Two RAF air crew were billeted here, while its owner, Lord Lothian, influenced Churchill’s actions.

So back to Blickling and the kitchen areas

and more of the back stairs
Always when negotiating back stairs in these large country houses I always wonder how on earth the servants managed to them throughout the day.
I guess if they were not fit when they arrived they soon would be! 

The Long Gallery

Seeing details of the ceiling through a mirror

A Curator cataloguing 12,500 books. Has been working on it for 5 years and says it will take 12 years all told.

yours truly taking the weight of her feet as they say! 

The music room

Amazing tapestries that tell a story 

There was a special exhibition on at the house and all the card and wrapping seen here was tied in with travel. I did not take much notice of what it was all about as there was enough to do and see.

The gardens are pretty self-explanatory and there was quite a but of colour considering it was October

Looking down the long walk at the back of the house

All that you see across this picture is one very ancient tree

The garden deck chairs had prints of past owners on the canvas

Hope you enjoy